Ford Mustang


The Ford Mustang was first produced in 1964 and was a sensation from day one. Spanning over 40 years and five distinct generations, the Mustang remains remains an American icon today. Please click on the model years below to find out more information and engine specifications of each year's model.

Ford Mustang 1964 - 1973
The first generation of Ford Mustangs was produced from 1964 to 1973. Assembled in Dearborn, San Jose California and Michigan, Ford introduced three body styles for the soon-to-be classic luxury car – 2-door coupe, 2-door convertible and 2-door fastback.

Ford Mustang 1974 - 1978
Also called Ford Mustang II, the second generation Mustangs were produced from 1974 to 1978. Assembled at Dearborn Michigan, the body styles available for the second generation include 2-door coupes and 3-door hatchbacks.

Ford Mustang 1979 - 1993
The third generation Mustangs was produced in 1979 up to 1993. It was assembled in Dearborn, Michigan with three body styles – 2-door convertible, 2-door coupe and 3-door hatchback.

Ford Mustang 1994 - 2004
The fourth generation Mustang was produced between the years of 1994 to 2004. Assembled in Dearborn, Michigan, the new Mustang generation had two body styles, the 2-door convertibles and 2-door coupes.

Ford Mustang 2005 - Present
The fifth generation of Mustangs was produced from 2005 to present. All of the models within this generation were produced in Flat Rock, Michigan. These newest models of the beloved Mustang have been available in 2-door convertibles as well as in 2-door coupe.

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